Rough Mix Mondays!!!

Hey Hey!!!  SO this weekend was great!  DJing, Snowboarding, hanging out till 12:30pm…it was all there.  I’ll be updating the Live show calendar this week and posting the flyer for my new Friday night i’m doing, posting my first two EXPANDED top 40 podcasts AND Subways & Sidewalks podcast…so stay tuned for that, exciting times around here right.  This weekend I had a conversation with a few people about these sound collages I had made a while back as well as a few mashups I had produced for fun.  SO, I revisted them and tried to make them not so crappy (I try to maintain a shred of standards here…seriously I do!) last night and here’s what I came up with…

I started this collage before the last cross sountry tour I did, and finished it…shocker…last night.  Although it’s still not really done.  But essentially I started making it becasue I had perfected that Tori Amos piano loop and had recently bought Natural Born Killers (the greatest love story of my generation…ahh the 90’s) on DVD and this is what came out…Love As I See It.  Grab the file by clicking the cover above or here .

I had started this one about two years ago when for some reason or another I was downloading alot of (now I don’t want to offend anyone here) “chick music” shall we say.  You know what I mean; Ani, Tori, Fiona…so Blockhead’s track “Trailor Love” had caught my ear a while back and I wanted to initially do a turntablist project with it similar to “Love As I See It” but ended up doing this.  Click on the Cover to download or here.

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