Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

It’s the late edition of my usual Tuesday jacking on site content from Adam’s World Blog!!!  I apologize for the late posting (actually I don’t, but I’m trying to be socially courteous here) but I had many things to get done today.  Most notably; Being a GRAD STUDENT and attending my first class!!!  I’ll protect the innocent and not name the University, but it’s mascot is a Buck named Lucas…figure it out yet???  Sorry no more clues…

Now, on to the real reason you peeped the site…Artist of the Week!!! Let me tell you, this one is BANGIN’, no joke this girl is smoking and sorry fellas I think she is not yet of age (well, I guess depends on the age of consent in the state you are in, but that’s not important right now…).  Either way, she is a crazy talented artist and I’m pretty harsh on female vocalists.  Enter Lara Johnston

Every once in a blue moon a voice really impresses me. I mean REALLY impresses me, like snaps my head around to hear who it’s coming from because I can’t believe the amazing sound I’m hearing. When I clicked on Lara Johnston’s website and her song “Last Man Standing” started playing it elicited that kind of reaction from me. A hard guitar led things off and then the vocals kicked in. They were big and robust and undeniably soulful. One verse was exactly how long it took for me to know I wanted to feature her as an Artist Of The Week. The daughter of The Doobie Brothers’ lead singer Tom Johnston, 19 year old Lara comes by her musical chops honestly, and this week I caught up with her to find out more about growing up in the industry, developing her own soulful sound, and why she chose the indie route over some of the other opportunities that might have been afforded to her.  Full article at Adam’s World

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