Rough Mix Monday!!!

Whuttup, Whuttup!!!  Chicago was the BOMB!!!  Friday was ILL @ Quenchers w/Pseudo Slang, Modill & Ramsey Judson ALL doing tha damn thang, thang!!!  Also biggup to Skinny (aka DJ Form) for killin it all night on the sets, with me rocking it till close, half my set on his vinyl while hooking up and entirely new serato set up because I don’t have the SL3 drivers yet (tisk, tisk to me I gotta say)…good time were had by all!!!  Lastly, biggup to the homie Tony Trimm who came through to peep the set, keep my better half entertained (not that my sets aren’t totally entertaining…but girls like to chat), chilling late night at the crib and who also rocked a doooope originals set Saturday @ Subterranean.  Yay Chi Town!!!  Please check the Thirty Thursday Post as I have posted the Top 30 from last week in there now for your listening pleasure, which you can also grab HERE.  So it’s MLK Day and I wish I had something to celebrate the life and times of the man who has come to embody the civil rights movement of the 1960’s…Buuuut I don’t soooo here is another mix dug out of the vaults.  Click on the picture to download or you can get it right HERE 

Now in listening back to this mix, because the general name was not enough to clue me in to what it was, I realized that this mix was intended to be Heart & Soul Vol II (which I very well may be at somepoint) but was made during the wintertime so I tried and throw in those real wintry beat type joints to produce that cold feel to the mix.  Enjoy it as CT is now topping 45 degrees (freaking Bowzer Ass winter!!!) and I haven’t gone riding yet this season…

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