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Tuesday is Recyling Day…and I Looove Recyling!!!

Hey, Hey!!!  I have caught the “Beat Fever” baaaaaad and it’s getting worse…I can’t stop it!  I have calluses on my fingers…serious, it’s not from a hot stem really.  Soooo, here’s this week’s Artist of the Week provided by the generous peeps at Adam’s World BlogOddy Gato come on down!!!!

Most emcees like to brag, but not Albany’s Oddy Gato. “Hip-hop is not just a guy grabbing a mic and saying I’m the best, I’m the best,” he explains, “it’s about other people saying ‘this motherfucker is really good.’” Over the years quite a few people have been saying Oddy Gato is really good. His goal, which he says should be the goal of every artist, is to make listeners question what is going on. “A real artist’s job is to step outside the norms of society, of the dominant culture, to challenge everything, and to challenge people to see things in a different light.” Living by that ideology it should come as no surprise that Oddy Gato once performed with Immortal Technique at a Free Mumia concert in Philadelphia. He also recorded in J-Live’s home studio with both J-Live and Rashawn Ross, a trumpeter and arranger who tours with Dave Matthews Band.

Backed by producer Lo-Fi LOBO and DJ TRUMASTR, Oddy Gato is extremely pleased with the work he and his team are creating, even going as far as saying “if anybody has a problem with the music that we’re making, not only am I nice with the microphone, I have the hand sills of a vicious puma.” This week I risked the possibility of incurring the wrath of Oddy Gato when I caught up with him to ask him about his music, why he feels it’s better to be odd, and the reasons why he loves calling Albany home.  For full article check Adam’s World Blog


Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looove Recycling…

Hootie Whooo, Who Dat and all that jazz…What is good my people!!!  Snowboarding yesterday was ILLLLLL, bust ass city but still a good day on the mountain despite the gimpy gait I now have for the nonce.  I have updated the Live Dates section so you should take a look at that to see if I’ll be in your area and If you didn’t catch the SUPER Bowl…well, you missed a great game where the better team really came out on top.  A fantastically strategized game by the coaching staff of the Saints, my hats of to this year’s World Champs.  Thanks for having a final game that doesn’t suck…Speaking of not sucking, my favorite commercial of the game was the Snickers ad in which Betty White gets put DOWN…Hilarious!!!  Check it…

Now on with my normal content jacking…As always thanks to the fine folks at Adam’s World Blog for letting me rerun their Artist of the Week feature.  This week’s Artist is My Brother’s Keeper aaaaand it just so happens to be the 200th (!!!) Artist of the Week feature, my hat’s of the Adam’s World for having a great column for so long…Dang!!!  Why did I even wear a hat today???

This feature is a momentous one. It’s the 200th Artist Of The Week here at Adam’s World. For such a milestone I wanted to get an artist who’s been down from the start. I actually managed to do one better than that – I found multiple artists who’ve been down from the start in My Brother’s Keeper. My Brother’s Keeper consists of (from L to R) Larry “Scholar” Aruwayo, Terrance “Thinker” Kelly, Dwayne “Tzo” Stewart and Levar “L-Star” McGibbon. I first met Thinker and Tzo back when I was co-hosting a radio show called In Da Mixx and they came to the studio with longtime B-Lister Conscious. That was at least five years ago, so with my Artist Of The Week feature reaching the milestone of #200, I could think of no one more appropriate to give the honor to than My Brother’s Keeper.
A hip-hop quartet with unparalleled skills on the mic and behind the boards, My Brother’s Keeper headlined as one of the main acts at Bondfire in January at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC. Their maxi single for “Master Musical Minds” / “Power Up” is available for download, and according to Scholar the group is over three quarters of the way done with a full length album, targeting a mid-summer release for it. L-Star notes the hip-hop scene has been changing as of late, and changing in a way that’s good for My Brother’s Keeper, saying “real people who are themselves are taking over.” It gets no realer than My Brother’s Keeper and this week I caught up with them to find out more about the group, including how they came together, what some of their inspirations are, and the aspects of NYC’s hip-hop scene that they feel don’t get enough recognition.  For the full article, check Adam’s World Blog…

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling

How’s it gonna be then, eh???  I am offically HURTED fo’ reeel from the last 5 days and unfortunately there is no rest for the weary in the halodoesntsuck studios…such is life right???  In any case here is this week’s Artist of the Week, brought to you by the good people at Adam’s World Blog.  This week’s artist…AMO-1!  Sorry about the short post, but I am seriously hurt up and got jack and sh*t to say right about now…5 hours of sleep and I’ll be bright and shiny again I swear.

Amo-1 can be quite the imposing figure. He’s certainly not small, he sports a huge parental advisory tattoo on his left arm, and he has some intense lyrical content. If he wanted to, he could be the type of guy to make you alter your course of direction if you saw him coming your way. I met Amo-1 outside of the Bowery Poetry Club before a Bondfire show. If an artist is at a Bondfire show, 99 times out of 100 they’re good people. Amo-1 turned out to be good people. He also turned out to be a heck of an artist, which is why this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, his ink, and why he feels it’s important to bring the classic street vibe back to hip-hop.  For the full article visit Adam’s World Blog…

So yeah, tomorrow will be full of fun filled posts…

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

It’s the late edition of my usual Tuesday jacking on site content from Adam’s World Blog!!!  I apologize for the late posting (actually I don’t, but I’m trying to be socially courteous here) but I had many things to get done today.  Most notably; Being a GRAD STUDENT and attending my first class!!!  I’ll protect the innocent and not name the University, but it’s mascot is a Buck named Lucas…figure it out yet???  Sorry no more clues…

Now, on to the real reason you peeped the site…Artist of the Week!!! Let me tell you, this one is BANGIN’, no joke this girl is smoking and sorry fellas I think she is not yet of age (well, I guess depends on the age of consent in the state you are in, but that’s not important right now…).  Either way, she is a crazy talented artist and I’m pretty harsh on female vocalists.  Enter Lara Johnston

Every once in a blue moon a voice really impresses me. I mean REALLY impresses me, like snaps my head around to hear who it’s coming from because I can’t believe the amazing sound I’m hearing. When I clicked on Lara Johnston’s website and her song “Last Man Standing” started playing it elicited that kind of reaction from me. A hard guitar led things off and then the vocals kicked in. They were big and robust and undeniably soulful. One verse was exactly how long it took for me to know I wanted to feature her as an Artist Of The Week. The daughter of The Doobie Brothers’ lead singer Tom Johnston, 19 year old Lara comes by her musical chops honestly, and this week I caught up with her to find out more about growing up in the industry, developing her own soulful sound, and why she chose the indie route over some of the other opportunities that might have been afforded to her.  Full article at Adam’s World

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looove Recycling!!!

So be on the looks for a brand new Subways and Sidewalks hitting your speakers for Thursday afternoon along with the comeback of my Top 30 weekly mix on Thirty Thursdays…Whew!!!  It’s getting, It’s getting, It’s getting kinda hectic in the words of…Ummm…Dang!!! What was the name of that dance group from the late 80’s early 90’s??? Hmmm…SNAP!!! That’s who is was!!!  Thank you Google!!!  Maaan that would have haunted me all day…So 2010 is popping already here at the halodoesntsuck labs, and I hope it’s popping for you too (like it’s not with all the great stuff i’m just putting up here FO’ Free!!!).  So let’s get down to the heart of Rock and Roll here and let you know who Artist of the Week is…M-Tri!!! Come on Down!!!  Big thanks to Adam’s World Blog for letting me jack his content every week to make my site seem more robust…

Before I even spun M-Tri’s album, Max Talkin’ Real Ism, I had a distinct feeling it was going to be a little different from most of the other fare that had been coming across my desk as of late. His wife, DJ Leecy T, had passed me the album, and being that there aren’t a lot of wives in the scene, that instantly made M-Tri stand out to me. It didn’t take long before his album stood out to me, too. Max Talkin’ Real Ism is dope hip-hop. M-Tri’s lyrical content, and the way he delivers that lyrical content, are both top notch. That’s why this week I caught up with him to find out more about his music, one of his most memorable emcee battles, and what it’s like being married in the rap game.  For the full story check out Artist of the Week on Adam’s World Blog

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Loooove Recycling!!!

Word up!!!  So there will be a new set of wheels around the halodoesntsuck studios soon and it’s gonna be dooope!!!  doing paperwork today so I had no time for posting until now…say word!  Honda Element is it…peep game…

Pimpin Right??? No??? F Dat Son!!!

So any who here is this weeks Artist of the Week feature so thoughtfully provided by Adam B’s fanciful blog choc a bloc full of fun stuff so give it a whirl next time you are surfing the internets…This week’s artist is (drum roll pleeese!!!) Living Proof….

I like things that are funky, which is why when I first heard Living Proof, a band that’s self-described as “The Black Eyed Peas meets Earth, Wind & Fire,” I was immediately hooked by their vibe. The band consists of (from L to R) Leonard Patterson, Jeff Libby, Marc Latney, Jessica Patterson, Larry Beiswenger, Gary McCary and Teddy Patterson, and their mix of funk and hip-hop makes for some truly feel good music, which is probably why they named their latest album Feel Good Music. This week I caught up with three of the members of Living Proof to find out more about the group, including how they got together, how they nearly lost a member to a runaway golf cart, and their exploits in thievery involving Morris Day’s trailer…For more info check Adam’s World Blog