Record Store Day!


Today is a special day, nope not because it’s April 20th, but because it is a recognized holiday about supporting your local music outlet.  Not, make sure you buy something on iTunes to support the industry, but go to an actual physical shop and pick up a copy of something you know or a special Record Store Day item you could take a chance on.  Either way, it’s just important to get out and support your local music shops as these places have been dwindling in past years as they become institutional relics from when you used to get your music advice from an actual person (usually the kid with funny hair who seemed so different from you, but always knew exactly what you wanted) rather than an algorithm based on search terms.   I am not saying the system we have is not great and it’s pretty incredible that your library can follow you everywhere now with cloud and streaming services, but there is still nothing like taking time to dig through, preview, purchase a piece of music (I recommend not celebrating today’s other holiday while shopping as you can come home with bizarre choices that sounded so great in the store and once home are lack luster at best, TRUST ME) and be excited to listen to it in it’s entirety upon arriving home.  Maybe music has just always been a huge part of my life and always will be, but there is something about the process of selection and the payoff of an amazing album front to back that you just can’t get from the comfort of your own home or digital terminal of choice.  DSPs and brick and mortar stores are not at odds with one an other, but pieces of the same whole that both need their due.  So today please give some love to you local shop, pick up something interesting and rare/exclusive, then go home download the hot jam you heard in the car on the way to the store.

Sadistik is giving away copies of Flowers For My Father

You heard me right; free?  Yes free!  You can get up to 5 copies sent to you for just paying the shipping on them…pretty good deal right?  I thought so too.  For more info visit his site HERE and peep this video he did to describe the reason behind all this free music.  Enjoy!

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