Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looooove Recycling!!! Double Shot Edition…

Wassup, Wassup!!!  Just got in from the road with Pseudo Slang with enough time to Bounce the New Subways & Sidewalks Podcast and get it posted to Rapreviews, make it to my Morning Show on WPKN (which BANGED btw), get back report playlists to my various reporting agencies and now here we are…all alone, finally.  Did you miss me last week???  I missed you…Heading back out to VT till Monday so it’s not a choc-a-bloc week in the halodoesntsuck labs, but I got some tricks up my sleeve.  Namely two weeks of Artist of The Week; J Ross Parrelli & M.A.E. as well as the new Subways & Sidewalks ft. Jesse Abraham.  So let’s get down to it suckaface!!!  Errr…I’m sorry…delicate flower.

Artist of the Week (Last Week); J Ross Parrelli

As I’m sure you all know by now, I’m very open to recommendations when it comes to music. When my homegirl, super talented fine artist Blair Urban, told me I should link up with her friend J Ross Parrelli I added her on various social networking sites and we started talking. I also started listening to her music. Months passed and I came back to her work a number of times. There was really no defining it. With elements of reggae, soul and hip-hop Parrelli and her band have created something original, and I love when artists can still do that in 2010, and do it with instruments rather than a computer.
This week I caught up with Parrelli to learn about her musical history, how she’s been livin since she moved to NYC, and the three places you’ll never find her.  For full article, visit Adam’s World Blog…

Artist of the Week (This Week); M.A.E.

I first heard of M.A.E. in passing when someone told me about the duo while I was heading to Homeboy Sandman’s album release party in June. I stayed aware of the music they were making, checked out their video for “Fuck Dancing,” and took a listen to their free EP More. The jazz tinged production and great lyricism that showed a high level of wit and personality really impressed me. This week I caught up with the M.A.E. duo of Express The Motif and Indigo (pictured L to R) to find out more about their work, how they’re going about making sure they’re original, and how they really feel about dancing.  For full article, visit Adam’s World Blog…

Subways & Sidwalks Episode # 3 ft. Jesse Abraham

Had the pleasure of getting one of the NYC underground’s best up-and-comers in studio to kick it with me for Subways & Sidewalks Podcast # 3, check out some of his music, talk about Yoga, give the back story of ‘Halo Doesn’t Suck’ and much more!!!  You can also check the Podcast at my syndicated home @ Rapreviews.com (Biggup to Flash for agreeing to carry a ridonkculous fool like me). Good times were had by all and no animals were hurt in the production of this podcast…which is strange, because I usually like to sacrifice something to my god Zorgo before I do a podcast…must have slipped my mind to give thanks to my vengeful and merciless GOD.  Next Time, Next Time…

Whuttup Wednesday; Tour Edition!!!

Hey Hey!!!  Coming at you live from Starbucks in Portland ME (Ohh how I hate them in real life, but LOVE their internet on tour) for the first date of the Zero Gravity Hip-Hop Mini-Tour.  Looking forward to meeting tons of new peeps, having fun, destroying stages and hopefully selling some GODDAMN CDs.  Well, now that that’s been said…feel free to come out to the dates and get a free Hi5 from yours truely (Low5 costs extra, sorry it’s the economy, talk to Alan Greenspan)!!!  With all the Tour odds and ends to wrap I have slacked on getting all these things I promised done (SXSW 2010; Collected Interviews from the Dirty Dirty, New Ruff Mixes, etc.).  Fear not!!!  Next week will be Choc-A-Bloc full of Halodoesntsuck goodness…now let’s stop with the rambles and get to the meat of the this post…Artist of the Week!!!  This week’s Artist of the Week actually also got mention in my latest edition of Subways & Sidewalks ft. Sketch tha Cataclysm (which you can Listen to HERE…or Download HERE).


Many great producers don’t get the face time they deserve, which is why this week I made a trip behind the boards to catch up with beatsmith extraordinaire, Willie Green. Originally from Hartford, CT, but now residing in Brooklyn, there’s a good chance you’ve heard Green’s work, but just don’t realize it. He has production credits on the Super Chron Flight Bros’ latest album, Cape Verde, and on Premonition’s just released The Build. Green’s latest solo release is Dirty Jordans and when he sat down with me we discussed the album, why he likes the idea of dirty, rather than clean, Jordans, and what he has in common with some other famous Willie Greens, including an NBA player and an organic farm.  For full Article visit Adam’s World Blog...


Ruff Mix Mondays; Podcast Edition!!!

Sup Foool!!!  I hope your weekend was super fantasticalicious…Mine???  Eh…This week’s Ruff mix is an early peek at the new Subways & Sidewalks that will be going up @ Rapreviews.com tomorrow!!!  Say word for leaked stuff…

Click on the tracklisting cover above or HERE, to download…But what if I just want to listen to it and not download???  Yeah, yeah I know, I am working on it.  Stop telling me how to live my life, site reader…

DJ Halo Takes on New England!!!

That’s right!  This week I will be hitting the road tough with the homies Noah 23 and Brzowski for a three date jaunt of rappermatical mayhem…Check the Flyer and dates below for more info and if you are in the area come out and get a Hi-5 or maybe even buy a CD (I actually unearthed a cash of Heart & Soul CD’s the other day so get em while the getting is good).

BRZOWSKI (Portland,ME)
NOAH 23 (Guelph,Ontario, Canada)

Wed. July 14 Portland, ME (Brzowski turns 29…again!)
The Big Easy 55 Market St.
$5 21+ 10pm

Thur. July 15 Dover NH
Dover Brick House, 2 Orchard St.
$7 21+ 10pm
(w/ Coincidence, Early Adopted, Nobody Cares)

Fri. July 16 Cambridge, MA
The Western Front, 343 Western Avenue
$10 21+ 10pm
(w/ H.W., Sicarii, Left Over Wine, Reason of PDP)

Ruff Mix Mondays…I’m Baaaack!!!

Yo, Yo!  Back from my ‘Summer Jam’ whirlwind through the Midwest and badder than ever.  Peace to all who I performed for, stayed with, chilled with while I was out last week!!!  Good times were had by all, ladies shook their butts, retarded driving schedules were kept, many miles and thousands of Bugs (maaan there is a lot of Insects in the Midwest!) were put on my poor new Element.  Got a new piece of studio equipment (Roland 303 Groovebox!!! Thanks Chris!!!) and am ready to crush it while I am home for the next 6 weeks on the production tip, so be on the looks for MASSIVE amounts of new beats and remixes.  Word.

This week’s Ruff Mix is a Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that is my first episode to be syndicated by the Rapreviews.com Podcast Network!!!  It features long time homie and live show collaborator Plus as my guest host and is totally ballistic (like you’d expect anything different from me???).  Check Plus @ his site plusishiphop.com, listen to the podcast @ rapreviews.com or simply click the photo below to download.  HOLLA!!!

Only the thuggest can rock Furr Trim

Whuttup Wednesday!!!

Sup, Sup, SUUUUUPPPP!!!  Yeah, so I am super freaking amped about three things today 1) the amazing Subways & Sidewalks Podcast that I made with godAwful yesterday, 2) Rocking in Boston tonight @ Good Life Bar and finally 3) taking my new MacBook Pro Laptop out for it’s club debut (it’s gonna be tiiiiiightsauce to the maxxx).   I got a full day planned today so I don’t really have much time to gabbb it up with ya (well damn, I had no idea it meant that much to you…tomorrow I swear.  Cool???  Great!!).  Without further pomp and circumstance here’s the Brand New SUBWAYS & SIDEWALKS Podcast ft. godAwful…Click the cover art below or the link to download…

Subways and Sidewalks Episode #1; godAwful Music and Much More!!!

Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looooove Recycling…

Holy Snap Cakes!!!  Just wrapped the new Subways & Sidewalks podcast with godAwful and it is BANGIN’!!!  No lie, I am really excited about this one…damn I need to do it more often.  Whew!!!  I was feeling like warmed over dag (if your of the piker persuasion) doo, but had some Crunk Juice (thank you sponsors!!!) started rocking the 1’s and 2’s and feel FANTASTIC now…so amped!  Anyhow, the podcast will post tomorrow in my podcasts page, so be on the looks for that.  ALSO tomorrow I am taking over Good Life Bar in Boston, MA for ‘Kitchen Sink’ to blow out eardrums and make heads dance till they get sweaty…check the flyer for details, if you are in the Boston area I STRONGLY recommend attending this hump day spectacular (and not just cause i am the DJ) there will be live art from Auks One upstairs, a crazy drink menu and tons of good times had by all.

Click the Flyer to peep the FB invite!!!

Now, onward and upward with this week’s edition of Artist of the Week, so thoughtfully provided by the good folks over at Adam’s World Blog…This week features none other thaaaaannnn, Ukulele playing rapper Jon Braman…aaawwww snap!!!

A couple months ago I was at an event in the city when a friend of a friend started telling me about Jon Braman. Now, bear in mind, I hear a lot of people telling me about a lot of artists, so it takes something really interesting to get my attention. As soon as she said Braman was a rapper who played the ukulele, getting my attention was no longer an issue. After what seemed like dozens of missed opportunities to check out Braman’s work, his album, Climatastrophunk, finally arrived in my mailbox. Really interested in knowing if combining the ukulele and hip-hop could work, I put it on. It was an oddly perfect marriage, at least with Braman at the helm. His lyrics are meaningful, and at times downright beautiful, and his vibe matches those qualities perfectly. Braman describes some of the inspiration behind his music, saying “being able to sing out your fears as well as your hopes and dreams is a pretty good feeling.” This week I caught up with Jon Braman to find out more about the man, his music, and what exactly a Climatastrophunk is.

For Full Article check Adam’s World Blog…

Jeah!!!  Jeah, Jeah, Jeah!!!