Ruff Mix Mondays is Back!!!

Happy Freaking Hogswatch!!!

I am back and badder than than ever for the holidaze and all that good stuff…getting my cards all set to mail and what knot so it’s about time I start posting again to this corner/crux of the internet.  I have a new mix for you to download and some stuff off my soundcloud as well and then I will leave you be…Savvy?  OK, let’s ‘go in’ as the kids say these days…


I made this mix for a special person, as the title would indicate, but they will remain nameless…maybe it’s YOU.  Either way a great mix was produced and I hope you enjoy it, feel free to post comments or your mama jokes…what?  Track list!?  fiiiine…This is the most rappy mix I have made in forever, so ENJOY!

New Soundcloud Heat!

Not really as it has been up for about a month or so now, but I haven’t had time to post about it until now.  A remix I did for the Scale It Back remix contest held by DJ Shadow, obviously I didn’t win, but I did make a song that I am excited to play for people…peep game.


Rough Mix Monday!!! Clown Monkeys & Tyyygers Edition…

Awwww Snap!!!  What da Deally yo?!  So I have been on Hiatus for a min now and it feels great to be back at the helm of the halodoesntsuck labs!!!  Got a year older and am excited for all the undoubtedly new and exciting things that will happen this fall…

This week marks the official return of Rough Mix Mondays being an actual MIX.  It’s back and Badder than ever, and have I got a banger for you this week…a real mix of genres.  Basically just take a listen and you flip your wig, serious…or your money back (it’s free so I really don’t have to do anything though, like that???  Crap, I explained it so it’s not so clever now…DANG! blowing my own spot.).  Anywho, check the Mix and there will be a ton of new stuff posting this week as well; Artist of the Week, Podcasts, New Instrumental Tracks, and more!!!   Click the Cover art below or the link HERE…

Valentine’s Day Treat!!!

Whuttup, Whuttup!!!  So with the big V-Day upon us soon, I thought I would add to the hoopla myself by crafting a mix that celebrates the sadder side of that pesky emotion of love (sorry there are no bromance songs…).  We all deal with it in our own way and here is my take on it.  Yes, I did recycle a track that I made as the intro…I freaking thought of this on Wednesday, cut me some slack here!!! Without further adieu, here’s DJ Halo’s Valentine’s Day 2010 mix…click the cover or the link here

BTW, I’ll be doing a show with the homies New World Side Order in BK @ The Beauty Bar on Valentine’s day so grab your partner and rock out the the futuristic sounds of Concept 2020, Crazy E 2020 and Halo 2020 (always weird seeing him at events…so that’s what I’m gonna look like in 2020…hmmm).  I start rocking at 10pm, NWSO @ 11pm, DJ Halo 12-???