Valentine’s Day Treat!!!

Whuttup, Whuttup!!!  So with the big V-Day upon us soon, I thought I would add to the hoopla myself by crafting a mix that celebrates the sadder side of that pesky emotion of love (sorry there are no bromance songs…).  We all deal with it in our own way and here is my take on it.  Yes, I did recycle a track that I made as the intro…I freaking thought of this on Wednesday, cut me some slack here!!! Without further adieu, here’s DJ Halo’s Valentine’s Day 2010 mix…click the cover or the link here

BTW, I’ll be doing a show with the homies New World Side Order in BK @ The Beauty Bar on Valentine’s day so grab your partner and rock out the the futuristic sounds of Concept 2020, Crazy E 2020 and Halo 2020 (always weird seeing him at events…so that’s what I’m gonna look like in 2020…hmmm).  I start rocking at 10pm, NWSO @ 11pm, DJ Halo 12-???

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