Friday Treat…WPKN Morning Show Podcasts!!!

Hellooooo Cleveland!!!   So I have been in hiatus as of recent times mostly because last week (if you checked my live dates page) I was crazy busy and had no time.  Also, I have been rolling around how I want to proceed with adding content to this site.  Big Decisions, I know…considering as how all I do is post live mixes and call that content…but whatever.  In any case, I have begun the painstaking process of editing my Morning Show and Six Feet Deep recordings to be ready for easily digestible hour long podcast posts for download.  These will change over time to become a zip file which includes a playlist doc as well, but for now you’ll just get the edited audio…pfff!!!  Hey it’s hard pouring through all this audio and prepping it for the web…really???  I’d like to see you do it…So here are two episodes of my Morning Show on WPKN; one is in it’s entirety and the other is broken into 3 hour segments (yes, like most things I do, I thought of the hour segments as I was prepping the audio for the second episode…dang!  So many questions today sheesh…).  Click on the flyer or the link here

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