Ruff Mix Mondays is Back!!!

Happy Freaking Hogswatch!!! I am back and badder than than ever for the holidaze and all that good stuff...getting my cards all set to mail and what knot so it's about time I start posting again to this corner/crux of the internet.  I have a new mix for you to download and some stuff off … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays is Back!!!

Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Whuttup Whuttup!!!  Sorry for the hiatus, but I had a busy week last week.  But I'm back in action this week...Whoa!  Watch out!  So here is this week's mix and it's a pretty recent one.... I made this mix before I hit the road this summer with Sketch tha Cataclysm.  It's quite sad and whatknot, … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays!!!