Ruff Mix Mondays is baaaaaack…for now

Holy Schniiiickies!!!

It’s been a minute since I posted a Ruff Mix Monday, ahhh so familiar and it’s good to be back…sort of.  I can’t say that i will continue this trend, but I will try my best.  Fair Enough???  No?  Well, I dunno what to tell you then…

AAAAAnyway, here’s a new banger I just thought up this morning (literally out of bed, straight to the studio still in my boxers…I love getting work done in my underwear with bedhead and all…Hilarious.  Sidetracked, sorry), it’s a low BPM (about 90) but kinda knocks…just tooling around with new samples I got so.  Also, just to warn you in advance, I am working on a 30-45 live set that is gonna be a BEAST…I’ll post it soon as I work a few kinks out.  Should be posting last week’s Six Feet Deep and Morning Show in their respective archives this week and will be putting together new podcasts for next week as well.  Alot cool stuff bubbling!!!  Maybe half will actually get done…HEY!  I’m not gonna lie to you and have you clamoring for stuff making me feel all ‘under the gun’.  Isn’t truth just soooo much more refreshing???  To download, click the picture below or the linke (I think that should be new slang for penis, yeah I’m 5, I know) HERE

Also, this album cover is just tooo funny not to post, I’ll let you make heads or tails of it….Hilarious!!!!

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