What does a Thursday Do???

Herro, Herrroooo….So I have been ULTRA busy this week with prepping for a educational play I am doing two dates for next week as well as getting sets together for Portland ME next Wedneday (I think it’s already listed in live dates) and the Trinity Hip-Hop festival in CT…so I have been at my wits end.  But not toooo much to get some more Archive Show Podcasts chopped up and ready for download in hour long chunks for ease of digestion (kinda like pro-biotic yogurt for your Brain and Ears).  So I have one epsiode of Six Feet Deep Up and another Morning Show Archive as well…Playlist questions???  You know where to find me…

Check the Archive for both Six Feet Deep and Morning Show for individual episode downloads…but for the nonce here’s a random hour of each for you to check out…

Six Feet Deep 3.23.10 Hour 2

Morning Show 3.30.10 Hour 3

One thought on “What does a Thursday Do???

  1. “a educational tour”? Damn, Halo, how you going to inspire youth like that? But glad to see the crunk face alive and well. Hit your girl up on IM some time.

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