Friday Treats!!!!

So I might have bent the truth a lil in my last post talking about posting the next day and whatnot…but this stuff I am posting right now is banging!!!  First up is ‘DJ HALO’S WOMEN in music’ mix which was used to finagle $$$$ out of people in WPKN/WPKM’s last fund drive…mixed results really.  Either way it’s a great mix of all female artists including; Dessa, La Roux, Little Boots, Lady Sov and more!!!  Check it, you won’t be disappointed!  To download, click the album cover or the link here


Jeah!!!!  I have finally figured out how to get my podcast shows off the archive site with some regularity now so it’s Awww like Donky Kong…The Morning Show archive is the one that’s updated this week, but Six Feet Deep will be next week and it’ll be 2-3 shows a week till I am up to date.  Excited???  You should be…Check the links for one of the new shows I cut up into easily digestible hour long segments.

WPKN Morning Show 10.23.09 Hour 1

WPKN Morning Show 10.23.09 Hour 2

WPKN Morning Show 10.23.09 Hour 3

A few more episodes are posted on the Morning Show Archive Page as well, click here to check it out….

Well that about does it, have a happy Easter and remember, Christ wants you to shake your butt to rap music…why else would his disciple the Easter Bunny take a picture like this….

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