Not Recycling Today…

Wuddap!!!  So this is my first official post since getting back from TX and SXSW…I could have sworn I had done a mobile post in there somewhere but it’s kinda hazy now…in any case, I’m baaaaack and badder than ever.  Got my game face like whut and ready to rock.  I just said a whole bunch of nonsense there, but pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…I will post the Artist of the Week tomorrow for sure, but for now I have updated my live dates page and am working on a TON of stuff that will post here this week (Shhhhhh!!! it’s a secret…I love whispering don’t you???).  Most n0tably is, Domer and I are getting the band back together for a reunion show this SUNDAY in Brooklyn @ Beauty Bar (921 Broadway).  YES, MOTHER I do indeed know it is Easter Sunday, but Jesus would want it that way…F the ham and church…let’s rockit like UHHHH.  Check the flyer for full details and a Link to the FB invite.  Ohhh did I mention….IT’S FREEE!!!!  Peep game sunyon…

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