Wednesday Clean up…Trash, Recycling, whatever

Hey Hey!!! So a few things, and maybe there will be an extra post today as well (lawd no!)…I have updated my Live shows page, Artist of the Week is up and I will be rocking tonight in Portland ME with the good people who do the weekly @ Big Easy…it’s gonna be ballistic!!! If you are in the area stop in and say “well hello sir nice to see you on this fine evening. I see you are playing a multi victrola unit…tiightsauce!”…peep the flyer for details

This week’s Artist of the Week (so thoughtfully provided by the fine folks @ Adam’s World Blog) is Proper…Proper Come OooooNNN down!!!  Peep game…

A lot of emcees feel the fact that they recorded their music gives them some sort of right to everyone’s time. Proper sees things a bit differently, saying “the process and challenge of proving I’m worth being heard is what I’m dead set and focused on.” Proper’s latest offering is the song “Mirror Mirror,” which is off of the Know You Got SOLE soundtrack, and in a continuation of my Season of Sole series of Artists Of The Week, I sat down with him to find out more about his music, the step by step process he’s taking to reach his goals, and why he feels Nike needs to put him on speed dial.

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