Whuttup Wednesday!

Holler@Your.Boy!!!  Another hump day is upon us and I am excited…why you say?  I have two dope tracks from the homie Donky Kong Jr.  and some hilarious shorts to re-run from the comedy group STELLA (had a show on comedy central, members of The State cast).  Ohhh yes, it’s that kinda day…

New Tracks

For you enjoyment I have two new offerings from producer Donky Kong Jr.  Peep game, these are pretty dope…

Donky Kong Jr. – Dubstep, Sand & Chickpeas…

Donky Kong Jr. – Another Donky Kong Jr. Track

Aaaaand as a special treat I have a super rough in progress mix of a new HALO instrumental too…

HALO – In Progress…


STELLA Shorts!

I remember commercials about the show when it was on the air on Comedy Central, but had never taken the time to peep the show out…SUCH A MISTAKE I MADE.  Woe, these dudes are hilarious!  Shouts to Eliot and Benji for putting me on to this amazing comedy that I and now you, cannot, should not, will not live without from now on.  I will use the birthday one as an intro because mine is soon (when exactly?)…

If you thought that was funny, peep the whole set HERE

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