Ruff Mix Monday!

Hey Hey!  So I was away in CA for a bit and ‘off the grid’ for a while but am back and badder than ever with some great new stuff to kick your week off right…right you say?  Yes, right…not YEaaahh Riiiight.

Sheen Bros ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice

This week’s edition has a whole FREE (free you say…) EP courtesy of Scion A/V’s website (website you say…) from the collusion of 4th Pyramid and Cosmo Baker, called Sheen Bros.  It’s really just a bunch of remixes of the same track ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice (Nice and Smooth & solo fame) and mannn does it bang! In the cluuuub, streets, basement or bedroom, if this doesn’t get a head nod out of you I would suggest checking your pulse cause you might be dead.  Just kidding…wait, no I’m not.  Peep the two tracks below and if you are like me and the ‘download and figure out later’ type you can grab the whole thing HERE

Sheen Bros ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice (The Miracles Club Remix)

Sheen Bros ‘It’s So Hot’ ft. Greg Nice (Torro Torro Remix)


I couldn’t get the Video to post but it’s ULTRA hilarious; SNL Digital Short, you know the deal…click the link above or HERE to peep the madness.  “Eat Cocaine Off America’s Grave Stoooonnne!!!”, “Don’t Call Us Slooooooooowwww!!!”…yeah, it’s that good.






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