Rough Mix Mondays!!!

Thundercats Hoooooo!!!   Yeah I dunno what that was about…BUT, I do have a mix for you this week that’s gonna knock your socks off!!!  Or just make you not pissed you took the time to download it…EITHER WAY, it’s a win for the site (feeling my punctuation steeze???).  Huzzah Huzzah!!!  I heard John Adams liked getting those alot back in the colonial era…

It's Not All Hip Hop

So this Mix was originally created to represent to a few co-workers who were like, “all you hip-hop dj’s are the same!  Nothing but scratch Zigga-Zigga, bithch this and ho that…”…Ohhh Snap!!!  So I had to show them what time it was, course this was about 4-5 years ago, soooo the time was very different than it is now.  Dope track listing though…ENJOY!!!

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