Sketch Tha Cataclysm & Deto 22 form like Voltron!!!

Hellz Yeah!!! I love Conglomerate Robots, it soooo...American. Eventhough it was created in Japan

So Peep Game; My homies Sketch and Deto put out a super swell new EP called “Sharing is Caring”….aaaand it drops today!!!!  So here’s the rub; click on the Voltron flick you can download a free track off the record (This Much Hip-Hop) featuring Deto 22 on the rippty rap raps, Sketch on the boom banging beats and Seme rock just being illmatic on the beatbox, but the rest of the record you gotta get from any of your fine internet retailers…that’s the breaks.  We’re like crack dealers, giving you a taste for free, getting you hooked and then jacking up the price.  Isn’t capitalism great???

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