Freaky Friday Pt II; What Up Wednesday on Friday

Top 30 Singles 10.28.09

Hey Hey!!!  So this Friday is freaky for more than just the time of year…for those that don’e know I have be enbroiled in a life and death battle with Pro Tools this week.  A little back story; I was trying to start a new Weekly segment called “What Up Wednesdays” which was gonna be ULTRA SWEET (like waaaay sweeter than your GF’s…you know.  Ok, Ok…BF too…yeah yeah, woman power Woot Woot.  AAAAAnyway) where I would post a Mix of my top 30 singles charts for Rap Attack and Rap Network and all of it will take up a scant 45 min of your time!!!  Pretty Sweet Right???  Well apparently Pro Tools thought otherwise because it decided to repeatedly crash making this become impossible.  So long story short today is freaky in the sense that we will all pretend to go back in time to Wednesday and think “gee this is just what I need to get me through the hump day…Word!”.  Not a problem Bro/Sis/Animal!!!

*At some point I will replace the current link with a zip that contains the track listing, but not today son!!!!

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