Tuesday treats, East Coast Dates and NYE!

I’m kinda lying, I don’t really have any treats for you today, actually hold up I got one mini mix I did recently…

Oh and this banger remix I just got sent to me…

Now, with that out of the way let’s get into what I’m really posting for today: NYE!  Yup, my first NYE in Oakland is fitting to be a banger…

NYE at The Legionnaire Saloon: It’s a Family Affair!


It’s going DOWWWNNN…Check the Facebook Invite for more info

The DJ’s

DJ PLATURN (Oakland Faders | 45 Sessions)

MR. E (Papalote Hi-Fi | 45 Sessions)


DEEJAY SAURUS (Fader Moves | Blunt Club OAK)

MARC STRETCH (Foreign Legion | Buckle Brothers)

DJ DELGADO (Fresh Jamz | 45 Sessions)

DJ ODIAKA (Fresh Jamz | Usual Nonsense)

DJ HALO (Fake Four | Future Shock)


Live DJ Dates

Thursday December 19th @ Paper Box, Brooklyn NYC – Yule Prog 7 (feat. Breeze Brewin, Armand Hammer, Rob Sonic & More!)
Friday December 20th @ The Old Bay, New Brunswick NJ – Lyrical Graffiti
Friday December 27th @ XS, New Bedford MA – BRZOWSKI/LAZERTUTH/HW/TEMPLE

Radio Dates on WPKN 89.5fm and http://www.wpkn.org

Yup Yup!  I’ll be smashing the airwaves in CT once again on WPKN 89.5fm and http://www.wpkn.org while I’m back east so tune in, turn on and drop out…
Saturday December 21st 1-4pm filling in for Deb Guhl
Monday December 23rd 12-1pm for ‘In Context’ w/Ken Macdermotroe
Tuesday December 24th 7-9am filling in for Steve DiCostanzo and hanging out for ‘Radio Nothing’ w/ Rod Richardson 9a-12p



Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hellooooo Cleveland!!!! (speaking of, has anyone caught the Cleveland Show??  One word…wackadocious)  So I Hope your NYE was safe, sound and all that jazz…actually I don’t, I hope it was crazy, reckless and all things dangerous.  Which we all know means…super fun!  OK, now that all that is good I will be posting the mix later on today but just wanted to get something up so you aren’t rioting in the streets for you new Monday Flavor (which is funny because they are all old mixes I am posting…).  So please do not riot and I will get the mix up as soon as I take care of some stuff this afternoon.  Good?  Good.  For now feel free to check the Cleveland Brown Show online and you be the judge of it’s Wackness or not Wackness (and what’s with that Boondoks type son character with the afro???)…

To be Continued…

Yeah, Yeah Starting 2010 with a BANG! right…wrong, totally late with posting the mix and well…I’m busy so sue me.  BUT this is a two part mix which was originally Side A of a 90 minute tape (The JUNO Tape), yup you heard me, a TAPE…yes, I still use those on occasion.  Cause it’s easier than setting up a pro tools session OK??? OK…Aaaanyway, I made this for a special lady a while back and it has grown on me on repeated listens.  I have been meaning to remix it, but just never had the time…2010 is the year!!!  Enjoy!!!  Stay tuned for part two next week…