Freakout Friday; I HEART BASS!!!

YOOOOOOOO!!!  It has been a MINUTE since I got up on here, for that I apologize but life has a way of getting in the way sometimes.  Have no fear though, I will be in FULL EFFECT for the up coming holiday week and sporadically more often from then on...Savvy?  Great!  Now that we are … Continue reading Freakout Friday; I HEART BASS!!!

Ruff Mix Monday!

Yeaaaahhhh!  So the weekend was fruitful times peeping a local show in Bpt. w/Roc Doogie, Jesse Abraham, PremRock and Political Animals all ripped great sets, if you missed it...I can only feel sorry for you.  So today I have a few joints from videos from the homies above and a special treat of an older mix … Continue reading Ruff Mix Monday!