New track for the Holiday!

Whuttup yall,  Just hipping you to a new track I have on the 3rd annual Monster Are Due On Crayon Beats compilation which I”m pretty excited about.  It’s based on the Twilight Episode of The Living Doll; take a listen and have a great HALO-ween!

DJ HALO – The Living Doll

Full Compilation


Wichitah EP is out!

Hey Hey!   Couple of exciting items for you and yes I know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted here but peeps get busy and the paper chase never ends, well more like the paying bills chase never ends, anyway.  Enjoy thes items and hope you have a great week.


Big Brzo and I put our heads together before heading over to EU for the Boltcutters To Infinty Tour and came up with this joint and 10 months later it available everywhere digitally, and I mean everywhere, site I can’t even see because I live in the US are carrying the album, but for ease of use here are the big ones to check it on.  2 orginal songs, 2 remixes, instrumentals of all for only a fiverrr.  Not too shabby.


Amazon Digital:




Remix I did as soon as I got back from the SXSW Telethong tour with Tanya Morgan and Corina Corina and just neve got around to posting until now.  Gotten some decent love on Soundcloud and a unexpected PR push from the homies at MyWayDJ.  Enjoy!

Sad Batub Mix

Greagory Pepper curated, HALO mixed and Doesntsuck approved, here’s what the Pep had to say about it, “Those who know me well are already aware of my affinity towards soaking in the tub. There’s no greater reward at the end of a long day than sliding into a 40 degree pool of sudsy water with a cooler of beer at arm’s length and some sweet jams on the stereo. Though i usually only listen to grindcore during the daylight hours, bath time at Camp Pepper demands a precise musical accompaniment: Adagio tempo, clean tones, and somber melodies that evoke a sense of hopeless optimism. So with the summer drawing to a close, I’m pleased to share with you some of my sad bathtub favorites. Lots of classic pop and melancholy folk from the past five decades curated by yours truly and edited / scratched by the homie DJ Halo. I hope you dig it.” – Gregory Pepper, September 2015

Gregory Pepper and His Problems – CHORUS! CHORUS! CHORUS! out now on 7″ vinyl:…-pre-order.html

Stream the playlist songs in their entirety:
RDIO Playlist –
Spotify Playlist –…w9NzOG4c7kdHORsB

Tours and new remixes

Coming to you live from day off in LA;



Cage & Sadistik West Coast Tour

Only have a few remaining (5 I think) dates left on this tour but it’s been great so far; thanks to Vera Project, Domino Room, Blue Lamp, Bullfrogs, and Constellation Room for some really great nights.  The rest of the dates are as follows, if you are in the area come on out! Might make a mix when I get home but I dunno…

2/24 Las Vegas @ Beauty Bar
2/25 Mesa, AZ @ Club Red
2/26 Los Angeles @ The Roxy
2/27 San Francisco @ Elbo Room
3/1 Santa Cruz @ Catalyst


SXSW Telethon Tour w/Tanya Morgan & Corina Corina

Hella excited blood for this one, lots of exciting times from Low End Theory to Fake Four’s official SXSW showcase, ending in Oakland at Leo’s, and evertything in between it should be mad decent times.  Have cooked up a special set with Corina and we are pretty excited to share it with y’all.



Unicorn Domination RMXD

Pretty excited to have made it on to this just under the wire for the deadline.  Unicorn Domination is a great group from PDX who I met a few years ago a festival in OR, since then stayed in touch and asked if I could remix a song of theirs and this is what happened.  Check the rest of the songs on their Bandcamp Page, there are some really talented producers on this project.

Bike For Three! – Sublimation (HaloDoesntSuck Mix)

Just something I threw together for the remix contest for fun; the homie C$ Burns kilt that sh*t though.


Euro Tour!

Quick note on my phone from the road on the Boltcutters To Beyond tour w/Browski & Monsieur Sai + Arth? to let you know I’m on tour in Europe till 1/27; figure that’s a cool thing to let you know about, right?


Jan. 14- Rennes

Jan. 15-LeMans

Fri. 1/16- Pub Follette, Gomene,FR
(None so far)

Sat. 1/17- Le Taverne Elektrik, Amiens, FR

Sun. 1/18- Raymond bar, Clermont Ferrand,FR

Mon. 1/19- Kraspek Myzik, Lyon,FR (Festival Plug&Play #5)

Tue. 1/20- Underground Store, Villefranche-sur-Saône,FR

Wed. 1/21- Café Charbon, Paris,FR

Thur. 1/22- L’Entre-Pots Café-St. Etienne,FR

Fri. 1/23- White Rabbit, Freiburg,DE

Sat. 1/24- Hirscheneck, Basel,CH

Have some other tours coming up soon too w/Cage & Sadistik as well as Tanya Morgan & Corina Corina along with exciting announcements about SXSW. It’s 6am in Le Mans after a great show; cats van bag at 12 so I should be on my way to dreamland and such.

Hugs n shit.








Happy Born Day ‘Merikkka!


Hooray!  It’s Q season in full swing and I’ll be rocking at one of my fav spots in Oakland, Legionnaire Saloon for my usual First Friday event alongside G Koop & Oman with Marc Stretch upstairs in the loft!  Starts at 9pm and is always pretty packed so get there early and stay late.


Happy Birthday country I live in…

Tuesday treats, East Coast Dates and NYE!

I’m kinda lying, I don’t really have any treats for you today, actually hold up I got one mini mix I did recently…

Oh and this banger remix I just got sent to me…

Now, with that out of the way let’s get into what I’m really posting for today: NYE!  Yup, my first NYE in Oakland is fitting to be a banger…

NYE at The Legionnaire Saloon: It’s a Family Affair!


It’s going DOWWWNNN…Check the Facebook Invite for more info

The DJ’s

DJ PLATURN (Oakland Faders | 45 Sessions)

MR. E (Papalote Hi-Fi | 45 Sessions)


DEEJAY SAURUS (Fader Moves | Blunt Club OAK)

MARC STRETCH (Foreign Legion | Buckle Brothers)

DJ DELGADO (Fresh Jamz | 45 Sessions)

DJ ODIAKA (Fresh Jamz | Usual Nonsense)

DJ HALO (Fake Four | Future Shock)


Live DJ Dates

Thursday December 19th @ Paper Box, Brooklyn NYC – Yule Prog 7 (feat. Breeze Brewin, Armand Hammer, Rob Sonic & More!)
Friday December 20th @ The Old Bay, New Brunswick NJ – Lyrical Graffiti
Friday December 27th @ XS, New Bedford MA – BRZOWSKI/LAZERTUTH/HW/TEMPLE

Radio Dates on WPKN 89.5fm and

Yup Yup!  I’ll be smashing the airwaves in CT once again on WPKN 89.5fm and while I’m back east so tune in, turn on and drop out…
Saturday December 21st 1-4pm filling in for Deb Guhl
Monday December 23rd 12-1pm for ‘In Context’ w/Ken Macdermotroe
Tuesday December 24th 7-9am filling in for Steve DiCostanzo and hanging out for ‘Radio Nothing’ w/ Rod Richardson 9a-12p



Ruff Mix Monday: Happy Holidays!!!

WHOA WHOA WHOA!  It’s been said a thousand times already and will be undoubtably said again, “Where did this year go?”; I can’t say for sure but I def had some good ass times though.  Have updated the Podcasts and Releases sections to be up to date (finally!) and have a few other odds and ends to post up today so enjoy.

Big Willie Dynamite – Cannonball Rally Video

That brand NEW-NEW from the homie Marc Stretch and his new group Big Willie Dynamite from their new album Joes vs. Pros which you can preview on their bandcamp HERE.



I have two mixes that are a bit dated but I have been HECKKKA busy this year so you get a recycle of two great holidays mixes I have done in the past, might still pull out a last minute mix like a rabbit from my hat, but it looks doubtful…BOOOOO (yes, yes I know)!



Blue Sky Black Death – Euphoric Tape II

The Seattle/Bay Area duo is back at it again after the release of their new album Glaciers on Fake Four Inc.  All instrumentals that have been or intended to be rapped on, so emcees get to beat jacking!

Sixo & LEIF[kolt] – Rocker John Video

Not a new track as this was on the ‘Free Floating Rationales’ album, but the video is news to me.  I LOVE THIS SONG and now it part of a Free Sixo & Leif[kolt] EP called ‘Absent Bodied’ as part of Fake Four Free Fridays which is a new Free release on the FFI Bandcamp every Friday in December.