Thugg Thursday…

Yo, Yo, Yo!  Almost working for the weekend and whatknot right (I like aliteration, sue me).  Have some great vids to share, a flyer for an upcoming gig, a link to my most recent archive on and lots of other nonsense to waste your day till the clock says it’s time to go home.  Word UP…or Down.


Geto Boys – Bring It On

This week’s thugg pick is an old school track that is totally without a doubt ahhhmazing, hilarious and dope all rolled into one 8 min posse cut opus with every gangster rapper from the 91-94 era ever on it (sorry MC Eight, ya didn’t make it on there).  It’s Bring It On by the Geto Boys and I’ll just let the video speak for itself…

I wake up every morning screaming ‘Somebody Slaughter Me!”

Cassettes Won’t Listen – Into The Hillside

Official video from the homie who is currently one half of The Freeze Tag and killing it on his own with the new album Kevinspacey.  This is my favorite track from his slept on instrumental only album released about two years ago.  Enjoy!

The Freeze Tag – The Hustle

Speaking of The Freeze Tag, here is the first video in the series that follows the adventures of ‘Hamster Kid’ though his adventure throughout the record titled with his namesake.  Ahhmazingly smooth visuals in this video, I am sure the series will be popping up again…

I.E. Merge – DMC World Finals Routine 2004

For all my Turntablist nerds!  This is probably the best routine I have ever seen, very clean, well paced, rhythmic, just incredible…Peep game!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream W/DJ HALO

Ohh Snap!  Fun times will be had @ Soda Bar Brooklyn on this evening!  FB Invite coming soon.  I just really like the moon and stars so I thought I would share with you…sue me.

This Week’s Mornings On WPKN Archive

The archive of my show on WPKN this week ft. guest hostess with mostest Beka Foley and an interview with Archie Bang to boot…Enjoy!

Mornings on WPKN Archive 

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