Tuesday is Recycling Day!

Whuddp!  Hope you had a fun and safe 4th yesterday and enjoyed the remix of my, now spiffier than ever, website.  Frankly I am shocked I got it together so fast, serious I made that statement and then thought about the time line and was like, “DOH!  I am never going to get all these changes done…” always nice to prove yourself wrong from time to time…So, today like usual is my Recycling of an artist profile written by the homie Adam B  but this one also is doubly recycled as it is posted on Rapreviews.com the very same site stupid enough or generous enough to carry my podcast Subways & Sidewalks…hey it’s a family affair in this web game.  Also I will be posting a few pretty sweet videos that have been sent to me recently in addition to an amazing video of the most neck-snappingest break I have heard in forever.  Enjoy!

Playdough – Arts and Crafts on the Mic

For most people the word Playdough conjures up images of the clay-like toy we all played with as little kids. Hip-hop fans should get used to a second idea popping into their heads when they hear the word, and that’s Dallas, Texas, emcee Playdough, whose latest album Hotdoggin, just recently hit stores. This Playdough’s fun factory would be where he puts his music together, and this week RapReviews caught up with him to find out more about his music, his interesting connections to the church, and all the wild hotdog imagery on his album, including a hint at who the cover model erotically downing a dog might be. We also discussed doing Elisabeth Shue. It makes sense in context. Really, it does.

Read the full review at RAPREVIEWS.com

Tuesday Video Corner

Lyrics Born ft. Sam Sparro – Woulda Coulda Shoulda

The funky left coast resident himself released a new album (As You Were) this year on Decon and it BANGED.  Now, one of the stand outs on the album is now a funky ass video for your enjoyment…

Longevity – Tantrum

WOE!  This is one of the hottest Hip-Hop joints I have heard all year.  Another banger for the Decon Records camp…these cats are on the come up like whut.  Keep an eye out because they will be the sound of east coast rap since the void left by Def Jux…

Playdough – The Difference

Since he is featured in the above section I thought I might share my favorite song off his album ‘Don’t Drink The Water’.  Used to do a pretty nasty doubles routine with this track too and cut up the intro over a long outro instrumental.  Sorry got a bit carried off in my reverie there…

Funky Bijou – Funky Bijou Anthem

I first heard this track in Music Avenue (Peace to the homie DJ Maze!) in Paris thanks to the homie DJ LoScar and was immediately like, ‘YO! Who is this???” and subsequently he bought the 7″ on the spot for me…what a guy!  This is by FAR the most neck snappingest (yeah, I make up words. Sue Me) break I have heard in forever.  Not only that, but it is a really bizarre and entertaining video to boot!  Enjoy and you can thank me later…

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