Ruff Mix Mondays; Remix Edition!!!

Aiiight, Aiight!!!  So I have been posted in the lab since tour banging out remixes like the world was going to end, as well as making beats and all that good stuff…big things will be coming this fall!!!  That said I will also be updating the live dates page, adding more to the Six Feet Deep and Morning show archives, last and this week’s artist of the week and prolly some other tricks I haven’t figured out yet (Moo Whoo Hahaha!!!) and last but certainly not least I will be overhauling my soundcloud page so that I can post audio from my tracks on the site (Holler!!!).  I now also have a furry assistant for the nonce to help around the halodoesntsuck studios, he’s been a HUGE help with the remixes…So let’s get into it shall we???  All this lallygagging last week made me soft…


GodAwful ft. Alley Hood & Logic – WithTheKick (Halo Remix)

Great Track off GodAwful’s new record, jungle/DnB drums with house synths…Bonkers!!!  Click the Cover art or link above to Download.

Dante LaSalle – Dead Weather (Halo Remix)

This one is a bit short but pretty sweet none the less.  Off Dante’s new effort ‘Back in Blue; The Fixtape Vol III’, what can I say I like bongos…Click the cover art or link above to download.


Awww Snap!!!  My Psychotic Doppelganger is going eeeennnnn once again and thanks to the nerds at Comic Con, here’s a trailer for Dexter’s Season 5…Are you as excited as me to see myself kill people???

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