Whuttup Wednesday!!! The Past is never behind us…

Yes, Yes…So the Halodoesnsuck Studios have been being HUGELY reorganized in the last two weeks and in going through all the accumulated crude I have come across some old flyers and whatknots that remind me of DJ days past, so I have been feeling slightly nostalgic as of late.  So Today’s post is a bunch of old youtube videos from past tours I was on, interviews and other whatknots which have never been corralled in one place before…Enjoy!!!

Performing with Sketch Tha Cataclysm & Seme Rock and the Fairfield Weekly’s Grand Band Slam @ Captian’s Cove Bridgeport 2008

Rocking out on some jam ish Spring 2007 @ Cousin Larry’s Danbury

Rediculous Tour Blog from the Super Subverse Sorta-Rap Tour 2007…

The Cali-Portland Leg of the Super Subverse Sort-Rap Tour 2007…

Getting Dirrry in Knoxville TN for the Unnatural Disasters Tour 2007…

Cyphering in Chapel Hill NC, Super Subverse Sorta-Rap Tour 2007…

Blog from first half of Super Subverse Sorta Rap tour 2007…Check the ILL doubles routine of AC/DC’s TNT done LIVE in Greensboro NC.

Link to a Hilarious Interview I did with Adam B about making girls dance…Click HERE

Stay tune for new interviews, mixes, beats and more!!!

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