Ruff Mix Monday!!!

Whuddup.  So I don’t have anything to speak of for this week’s Ruff Mix, but in light of recent events, I will give a front page post to the Podcast of Indie Rock Sock Hop #1; Head Donks and Vampire Weekend.  Sadly, there will never be another episode cut for this particular podcast, well, at least not featuring Lady Spitfire…artistic differences and such have made it impossible to get another episode done.  The show was a great idea but, it just couldn’t last…c’est la vie.  Good luck to Lady Spitfire in whatever projects she decides to take on next!!!  Click the cover art or link below to download.

Episode #1; Head Donks & Vampire Weekend

The rest of this week should be choc-a-bloc full of goodies though; interviews, mixes, and even some visual art stuff.  So stay tuned for that…

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