Friday Treats!!!!

Maaan!!!  I had a whole funny intro done here about sugar in gas tanks and nuns…it was crazy hilarious.  But alas technology failed me and it wasn’t able to post (KAAAAAAAAHHHHHHNNNN!!!!), so now you get the boring version cause I have 50 billion things to get done now…Sweet!!!  Thanks internet for being a BOWZA…Aaaanyway I got two treats here for your weekend to be made even more fabulous 1) Interview with Dessa that I got this past Tuesday 2) The new FreeIceCream CD ‘Bohemian Rap CD’.  How could you weekend get any better???  Bunnies I guess???  Not the the peeps marshmallow ones or the actual animals, but you know the Bunnies I mean…Jeah!!!

I had a chance to sit down (Literally, well I guess it’s more crouching) with Dessa after she DESTROYED it on stage @ the Bowery Ballroom this past Tuesday in NYC.  In the interview she speaks about her beginnings in the Minneapolis slam poetry scene, here new album ‘A Badly Broken Code’ (which you can pick up by clicking the link to the Doomtree Store) and here thoughts on being a woman in Hip-Hop.  The zip is chock-a-block with goodies; copy of the interview, album art, my ugly mug and my two favorite tracks off the album!!!  Check it out, you won’t be dissapointed.  To download, click on the photo or the link here…

Brought to you by the good good homies at (where you can get ultra dope rap music FOR FREE) and it is totally amazing!!!  A tour de force, magnum opus, the $$$, whatever you call it, it’s dope.  Download it and tell me it’s not…Completely produced by Domer from samples gleaned from the ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ album by Freddy Mercury and the gang (yeah the band name escapes me at the moment…sue me ok?) featuring Kats, Domer, Illspokinn, Jake Lefco (no Fake Rightco??? Single Tear…) and Ryan O’Niel.  Chalk up another amazing effort from the maniacs at!!!  Click the cover art or the link here…

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