Ruff Mix Mondays!!! Podcast is up and New Live Dates…no mix though…

Guess What??? I am out of rough mixes…for the most part, and today I spent all day trying to spiff the site up with and RSS feed and trying to get the Podcast online with iTunes and all that jazz…No Dice on the iTunes and Jazz, but you can grab a copy of the podcast from the Podcast! page right here, I’ll have tech details hammered out soon so you can subscribe and all that soon too. But for now enjoy the glory that is Indie Rock Sock Hop #1; Head Donks and Vampire Weekend aaaand for those who heard my show on WVOF back in the day…Subways & Sidewalks is Baaaaccck!!!  This week a new episode with appear in the podcasts section as well, with the appropriate RSS feed and all the whatknots for that as well.  Big tings happening around the halodoesntsuck ponderosa I tells ya!  New dates have been posted to the Live Dates section as well, I’ll be in Chicago this weekend and the official flyer for The Cut is up as well (thank you Anubus!!!).  For now, I will be posting a mix tomorrow morning along with the Artist of The Week.  Peep the flyer game flavor…

Hiyoooo!!!!  I had forgotten that last week’s Ruff Mix was a Two-Parter (The Juno Tape)…So without any further pomp and circumstance I give you The Juno Tape Side B

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