Ya’ll ain’t ready for the mobile flava!!!

coming to you live via the mobile version of the halodoesntsuck studios aka my iPhone!!! Cut the first episode of “Indie Rock Sock Hop” and it’s a banger!!! Basically it’s 75 minutes of yours truely getting buck on the decks with a bunch of indie rock while being balanced with the announcing styles of my better half…the lady Spitfire. Can you say hilariousity??? Indeed…Stay tuned for more details and the post of the actual podcast for download on Sunday!!! Why Sunday??? I’m a busy guy…sheesh!!! Speaking of…don’t forget to check my Fri & Sat residencies @ Karma Lounge (51 1st Ave NYC) aaaand rocking it this Saturday afternoon @ Sneakercon (268 Mulberry St. NYC) from 12-7…you’re now my bitch 2010!!! whut?? Too soon???

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