Maaan Xmas Cards are a Pain in the Ass!!!

So I would like to apologize for slacking on my Top 30 podcast recently, that will be up and running again in 2010…prolly some back episodes will post before then as well…in any case, I have been slaving away to make 50 handmade Xmas Cards for friends, family and those who respoded to my FB invite for and address to send to. Maaaan has this been a humongous undertaking!!! I had no idea what I was getting into…now that all cards are produced and shipped I can reflect on it. I had no clue the cards or packaging would turn into what is did…but isn’t that always how it is when you start a project like that??? the end is never what you had in mind…let’s take a look at a sneak of what the packaging and an example card would look like. Enjoy!!!

One thought on “Maaan Xmas Cards are a Pain in the Ass!!!

  1. i believe it! they’re dope though. :) I gotta feeling 2010 is gonna be a good year for you. catch up with u in a minute. peace fam

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