It Seems Recycling Falls on a Wednesday this Week…I still Loooove it though

Sup Sup Sup!!!  So the last few days I have had some intense radio hours and had to clear up a few legal fine issues as well that required some travel on my part…Buuut now that i’m a free man (Lawdy I never Roam again!!!)  it’s back to the grizzly…Without further chatter, here is this week’s Artist of the Week from Adam’s World Blog…Warren Britt

Think a big man can’t have a high energy show? Then you definitely need to see Warren Britt perform. The Brooklyn emcee is the highest energy guy in most places even when he’s just in the crowd. I finally had the pleasure of seeing him hit the stage last month and lemme tell you, I think I was more exhausted than he was after his set! If you haven’t been lucky enough to catch him live, he has an EP out, @ The Meth::Lab, and he’s working on a side project called Absolute Truth. This week I downed a case of Red Bulls to catch up with Warren Britt, and he filled me in on where his unbelievable energy comes from. Britt also revealed what some of his earliest influences were, and in what ways he feels he’s one part Michael Phelps and one part Patrick Ewing in his prime.  For the full interview Check Adam’s World

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