Whuttup Wednesday!!!

MC Battling…is it back???

YOOOOO!!! what is good??? ohh damn sorry bout the sniffly nose that’s a bummer…So I was at the Free Ice Cream show last week talking with the homie Sentence of the Metermaids about MC battling and how both of us have been impressed lately with you-tube clips and whatknot of recent battles speaking specifically of three MC’s in particular; Iron Solomon, Rheteric Ramirez and Chaz Kangas who have really caught our attention.  Now I’m not really here to do an expose on whether MC battling is really alive and well, but I just wanted to put it out there because before this time competition was tepid at best and not very impressive to the viewer who, by the way, is the real judge of a battle…So check these clips and make up your own mind, even post a comment if you like.  Maybe later on I will do a more in depth story, but for now I just wanted to post about something I thought was cool…

Iron Solomon vs. The Saurus (also quite nasty too)

Rheteric Ramirez vs. L Scatterbrain (also dope)

Chaz Kangas vs. Tommy Quigs

So these are three pretty ill battles I have found that made me think, “Hmm…maybe MC Battles don’t suck anymore, those guys are pretty funny”.  Biggup the to the homie Tony Trimm for putting me on to Rheteric…

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