Tuesday is Recyling Day & I Loooove Recycling!!!

Sup, Sup!!!  So the email blast is finished  after I had to write it out 3xs!!!  3!!! Not 1, not 2, but 3 times!!!  I dunno what the deal was with that, but it’s all over now baby blue…have you heard about the HUGE jellyfish in Japan???  End Days???  I think so…While you marinate on that check Adam B’s Artist of the Week







A couple months ago X-Plane sent me a video for his song “Witout Spinach Popeye Get Black Eyes.” I dug both the concept of the song and X-Plane’s flow. A few weeks later he sent me another video and I noticed an interesting common thread – they were both shot in what looked to be an unfinished house. He had a couple more videos that were also done in the same location and as the clips started piling up, so did my interest in X-Plane’s work. This week I caught up with X-Plane to find out more about his music, his secret video shooting location, and why if you need a MetroCard he’s the emcee you want to see (could a collab with Miz Metro be in his future?).   For the full article check Adams World Blog

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