Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Whuttup Foo!!!  Hope your weekend was dope!!!  The DJ Halo man is ULTRA sore from running at East River Park on Saturday…there weren’t as many hot runner chicks as I thought there would be…C’est La Vie eh???  So I got another mix here for you and it’s packed with Soul music goodness, vitamin “S” if you will.  But not the “S” from “The “S” Diet” (which I secretly think stands for “Stupid”) in which all things “S” are available to be ingested and therefore are good for you, namley “S”alad…who thought of this???  I very illogical person to be sure…enjoy the mix and if your feeling super motivated…GASP…post a comment!

You Know I got Soul

Not Sure when this CD was actually made but, I was in a digging mood then and I think I wanted to just make some like smoothed out blunt music…I dunno how well that went but, you can leave a comment to let me know.

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