Whattup Wednesday on Friday…Again

top 30 single 11.04
just click it, I can't give you a ticket like the state police, but i'll be kinda dissapointed

Hello, Hello, Hello!!!  So guess what??? Yup, Friday has turned into a Wednesday in the Halodoesntsuck news lab (what you think it’s just me running this site…pfff!!!) as the Wednesday Top 30 Hip-Hop singles mix is posting now.  Ehh, it could be worse…I’ll tell you though this mix is packed with doooope tracks from artists you know and love, ones you might have heard of and ones you say “hmm I should google that guy, he’s pretty swell at the rapping…he’s definitely “going in” as they say these days”.  So peep game and get with the times…check back next week for the cliffhanger of “will it get posted ontime???”…Dum, Dum, Dum!!!!

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