Ruff Mix Mondays is Here!!!

Awww Sh*t son!  That’s Right!  I will now have a Weekly post going every Monday that will basically be just some random debris that I have lying around my studio; part of a mix, track in progress, some of this, prolly alot of that…who knows?  Maybe some of the stuff will show up all spit polished and nice after relentless revisions and loss of sleep…but until that time enjoy the endless rough drafts I seem to put out at will.  On the Docket this week…

rocking kick ass tape

This is an “old school” (I hate using such buzz words) Hip-Hop tape I made to bring on Tour like 3 years ago, but didn’t get done in time to get pressed up, I think I burned about 10-20 copies and printed this cover using a random office color copier (you’d be shocked how easy that is…thank you lazy rent-a-cops!) to give away as a package deal with the first run of Heart & Soul.  If you have a copy, don’t get excited, it’s still worth much less than you paid for it…

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