DJ Halo offical DJ for Plus!!!

Yeah Yeah!!!  I kept a Lid on this one just cause I wanted to see how practises would go…DJ Halo is now Plus’ (formerly of Nervous System) official DJ!!!  He’s got a New album out now (it’s banging, and that’s not me being nice) and we are feverishly lining up shows in the CT/NYC area to go out there and rockit. If you are interested in Bookings please feel free to email me…

He’s got a super cool Website too…

While I’m at it…Do indeed check all the cool rappers and groups I DJ for

WORKFORCE ; New Album Coming Soon!!!!

Sketch Tha Cataclysm ; Now in Minneapolis, MN (I love the Midwest!!!)

One thought on “DJ Halo offical DJ for Plus!!!

  1. Thats right suckas PLUS is back and Halo is but ofcourse killing the turntables. Just trying to do something simple here like ummmm TAKE OVER THE WORLD !!!!!

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