Ruff Mix Mondays!

Holy snap!  New studio is up and running, functionally at least, so here's a hot off the griddle podcast. Subways & Sidewalks #15 Grand Re-Opening Edition Comes out tomorrow on where you can stream it or download it; shouts to DJ Flash for getting this up there and dealing with me being a crazy … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays!

Fake Four FREE Friday!

Got a gang of new stuffs from the Fake Four fam for you Friday enjoyment.  These dudes just keep making hits... Factor - Woke Up Alone Album Trailer The official trailer teaser for the the new album from Saskatoon super producer Factor.  Album drops July 23rd, so mark your calendars, it's looking like a banger. … Continue reading Fake Four FREE Friday!

Thugg Thursday

Hump day is done and the extra weekend night is just about upon us...time to go out and rob a bitch, it is Thursday after all. BSBD X SAS - Valley of Kings ft. Cam'ron & P.A.P.I.   Brand new heat from the bay area duo with help from SAS and guest spots from diplomats … Continue reading Thugg Thursday

Whuttup Wednesday!

It's hump day and like all weeks, you are close enough to the weekend to taste it, but far enough away to be at the bottom of your dispair about never getting there.  Buck up, here's some items that should help get you through...we can do this, together (cue sappy/inspirational music in 3...2...1). Corina Corina … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday!

Get Down Tuesday

Got a couple of fun things for you today along with info on my inaugural DJ night in Oakland tonight.  Hooray! Ear Peace Records in Berkeley, CA Had a chance to rock there this past Friday with the homie Esh The Monolith and it was a BLAST!  These dudes are def on top of the art … Continue reading Get Down Tuesday

Bandcamp Bananas…

Yo.  How'd the week go?  Good, Bad, Ugly?  Well no worries, here's some music to forget your troubles before you sweat it out tonight at the cluuuub (poppin' bottles and such is usually how it goes right?). Fameless Fam - Eat Fly II New newness from my Boston/Providence/Brooklyn homies who have been doing their thing … Continue reading Bandcamp Bananas…

Whuttup Wednesday

Some great items for you this Wednesday so kick for a 15; your boss isn't up your ass that much today...yeah. Warrior Bros - Cluster EP These dudes are the EFFING homies!  Love them (and hate them because they are so young) and was impressed with their live show when i rocked with them at … Continue reading Whuttup Wednesday

Beat Tape Tuesday!

Got a few items for you to rock in your iPod rotation (formerly Walkman) for the next few weeks so take a look, listen and get to know these great producers... Edison - Dehydrated Water EP This dude really blew me away after getting the KILL SWITCH split with Doomtree's Lazerbeak and seeing him last … Continue reading Beat Tape Tuesday!

Ruff Mix Mondays: All Vinyl Edition

Hey Hey!  If you didn't know I moved all the way coast to coast this past Feb and it's been a long time coming to get my studio back up online, but it's finally happened and to celebrate that I continued the Record Store Day theme with an ALL VINYL mix of purchases I made … Continue reading Ruff Mix Mondays: All Vinyl Edition

Record Store Day!

Today is a special day, nope not because it's April 20th, but because it is a recognized holiday about supporting your local music outlet.  Not, make sure you buy something on iTunes to support the industry, but go to an actual physical shop and pick up a copy of something you know or a special Record Store … Continue reading Record Store Day!