New Drum & Bass Mix

Since being a sweaty teen at raves in the 90’s I have been a fan of DnB and Jungle, but oddly never really attempted to DJ with that style of music. Enter marathon training during COVID: while training for a marathon in May I needed uptempo music for my runs mid and long so I began looking to DSP DnB playlists to get myself up-to-date and made a few large purchases on Beatport thanks to their dope 50% off sales this spring. At any rate I have accumulated a cache of DnB tracks that are of the style I enjoy and have been really having fun throwing on tracks in my weekly live stream and my UK mixshow. This mix is hot off the griddle from last night and was inspired by a recent batch of track purchase I made and decided to make a mix. Enjoy!

Speaking of mixes and COVID, I have been doing a weekly livestream on my Facebook, Twitch, and YouTube channel. One thing that has surprised me is I just organically have been getting into mostly mixing with vinyl on these shows, likely because I am literally surrounded by LPs in my studio so it’s been fun just pulling LPs from the other room and in the studio while recording. Here’s one of the episodes that doesn’t have any copyright issues.

Speaking of mixing vinyl, I recently did an All Vinyl mix of 12″ singles from the underground rap era of ’98 – ’05 about. It’s a hodgepodge of east and west coast hip-hop encompassing, early Anticon, Def Jux, Rhymesayers, Project Blowed and more. Enjoy!

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