New Mix up for HALOween!

Whuttup gawds and gawd-ettes, or should I say ghouls and ghoulies. Didn’t plan on making a mix for halloween this year, but here we are. I was just sessioning previewing some songs for a gig on the 31st in Chapel Hill and it all just kinda came together. Enjoy!


Speaking of gigs here’s a rundown or what I got coming up this week…

Wed Oct 31 – The Baxter Bar & Arcade, Chapel Hill


Flashing Lights @ Quarter Horse Bar and Arcade

I have been doing this event for a while now, but have just gotten around to posting it here. Like vintage arcade games and booze? Like being surprised by the exceptional caliber of DJ/Turntablist providing the tunes on 1st Friday and 3rd Saturday? Then you are at #FlashingLights…

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