Wichitah EP is out!

Hey Hey!   Couple of exciting items for you and yes I know it’s been quite sometime since I’ve posted here but peeps get busy and the paper chase never ends, well more like the paying bills chase never ends, anyway.  Enjoy thes items and hope you have a great week.


Big Brzo and I put our heads together before heading over to EU for the Boltcutters To Infinty Tour and came up with this joint and 10 months later it available everywhere digitally, and I mean everywhere, site I can’t even see because I live in the US are carrying the album, but for ease of use here are the big ones to check it on.  2 orginal songs, 2 remixes, instrumentals of all for only a fiverrr.  Not too shabby.

iTunes: http://tinyurl.com/qambf2j

Amazon Digital: http://tinyurl.com/nokuutd

Spotify: http://tinyurl.com/nurkmhu

RDIO: http://tinyurl.com/o69l78u


Remix I did as soon as I got back from the SXSW Telethong tour with Tanya Morgan and Corina Corina and just neve got around to posting until now.  Gotten some decent love on Soundcloud and a unexpected PR push from the homies at MyWayDJ.  Enjoy!

Sad Batub Mix

Greagory Pepper curated, HALO mixed and Doesntsuck approved, here’s what the Pep had to say about it, “Those who know me well are already aware of my affinity towards soaking in the tub. There’s no greater reward at the end of a long day than sliding into a 40 degree pool of sudsy water with a cooler of beer at arm’s length and some sweet jams on the stereo. Though i usually only listen to grindcore during the daylight hours, bath time at Camp Pepper demands a precise musical accompaniment: Adagio tempo, clean tones, and somber melodies that evoke a sense of hopeless optimism. So with the summer drawing to a close, I’m pleased to share with you some of my sad bathtub favorites. Lots of classic pop and melancholy folk from the past five decades curated by yours truly and edited / scratched by the homie DJ Halo. I hope you dig it.” – Gregory Pepper, September 2015

Gregory Pepper and His Problems – CHORUS! CHORUS! CHORUS! out now on 7″ vinyl:

Stream the playlist songs in their entirety:
RDIO Playlist – rd.io/x/QRJL_jOGIwY/
Spotify Playlist – open.spotify.com/user/fakefourinc…w9NzOG4c7kdHORsB

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