Whuttup Wednesday!

W-O-E…It’s Wednesday, I got a year older and finished up rocking two fantastic dates on the MC Homeless, Riddlore & Aceyalone tour in NYC and CT respectively.  Maybe it’s the delirium from lack of sleep, but I feel pretty good about getting older this year…today I have some great stuff to celebrate the release of my long time homies & live show/touring partners, The Metermaids, album on Strange Famous Records!!!  Well, actually it was on the 6th (American records release on Tuesdays don’t cha know…) but time is a relative concept really.  I also have the last two archive links for my FM broadcast show on WPKN as well as some miscellaneous debris from around the interwebs.  Sit down and kick it for a min, you won’t be pissed you did…

The Metermaids ‘Rooftop Shake’

So the homies Swell and Sentence finally released their Opus that has been a long time coming; production from NC super-producer 9th Wonder & M Stine with cuts from world famous turntablist Rob Swift as well as the duo never sounding tighter and more polished on the rhymes.  This is a definiate must have LP.  If you don’t believe me, take a listen to this track and try to say it’s weaksauce…

Metermaids ft. Sage Francis and B Dolan – Bad Things Redux

Still a bit unsure aren’t you?  Well here take the whole thing for a test drive at the Stange Famous Soundcloud

If that wasn’t enough, peep the video for 8MM…

WPKN Archives!

Here is the two newest archives from my Tuesday morning show; relive the hilarity as if you were there…

Mornings on WPKN 8/30/11

Mornings on WPKN 9/6/11

Free Stuff from Captain Planet!

Captain Planet (not the super hero silly!) and Giant Step decided to give away some tracks off his new record ‘Cooking Gumbo’ for FREE…Enjoy!!!

Captain Planet – Dame Agua

Captain Planet ft. Brit Lauren – Get You Some

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