Thugg Thursday; Tres Records Edition!!!

Greetings from the Green Mountain State of Vermont!!!   The Shows have been great and peeps are really receptive to what Sick and I are doing with the live show…Jeaahhhh!!!  Tons of stuff coming next week in the halodoesntsuck labs; Interviews, Podcasts, Art and Much Much More!!!  But for now let’s take a look at the homie Chikaramanga’s Label Tres Records, which I have been a FAN of since they released Thes One’s (nope not Lifestyle Marketing…) Noonen 12″.  They have an incredible roster of artists; Thes One, Rashaan Ahmad, Shawn Jackson, Johnson & Jonson, Paten Locke…the list goes ooooonnnn.  AND most important, to me at least, THEY ALWAYS PRESS VINYL.  So with that glowing review, I present a FREE mix done by DJ Lowkey to promote the up coming ESQ & Chikaramanga release ‘The Succession’ which will be hitting stores/eardrums September 14th.  The mix (Recession Free) is 19 tracks of ballisticness (yeah I make up words, sue me), with two of them being unreleased tracks off of the album.  The other tracks are ESQ rhyming over instrumentals of Tres releases produced by Big Tone, Johnson & Jonson, Paten Locke, Lightheaded, Fonetik Simbol, Ta’raach, and Chikaramanga. Click the album art below or link HERE to download…

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