Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

So nope, sorry not a mix this week…not giving out free beats today either, but am gonna be posting a few interviews that I have gotten over my years in radio…This week’s interviews are Astronautalis & Murs!!!  Each zip contains the interview, album art and a track (or two) of my favorite song from the album.  Great weekend this weekend, 3 CT shows that were really awesome…thanks to all those that came out!!!  Biggup to the homie Brzowski, who you can check and interview with him on which I will be posting later this week so stay tuned…

I got this interview when Astro was out on the road promoting his first offical release on Fighting Records, “You and Yer Good Ideas”.   Recorded his live show at The Space, interviewed him the next day, even put together a feature piece for public radio (not incl in the zip…sorry) and all was right with the world.  Click on the album cover or the link here

I got this interview with Murs after he rocked a show in a Church Basement while he was out on tour for the “Murray’s Revenge” album…Lots of great stuff in here about his frustration with the underground hip-hop scene to dealing with the success of his friends like Slug of Atmosphere…take a listen, you won’t be pissed you did!  Click the album cover or the link here

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