Tuesday is Recycling Day and I Looove Recycling!!!

Hey Hey!!!  So crazy weekend; nothing like 45min of sleep in 3 days.  Am I crazy???  YES!!! But just crazy busy that is…well maybe the other too, but that’s unimportant right now.  What is important is, What the Hell???  no Monday mix???  yeaahhh about that, I am just running outta stuff to post so for now so I must go back to the lab and churn out some sub par mixes so I can post them.  Please forgive me…OK, well then just know there will be a new mix posted this week as well as Monday.  Fair enough???  Great!!!  On with the show!!!  Speaking of, my morning show this morning was rather good so take a peep at the archive of it here or check the link below…

Mornings on WPKN w/Jeep Ward Behind the Board & Alyssa B (yeah it’s a mouthful so what?)

OK now Artist of the week this week is a great artist form the frosty midwest of Minneapolis…Dessa!!!  She’s got a new album out and it BANGS…so peep game below.  Thanks as always to Adam;s World Blog for letting me continually jack his site content, Thumbs Up Broznihan!!!

A lifelong Minnesota native, Doomtree emcee Dessa felt a musical influence very early on in life thanks to her Bronx born and raised mother. “My dad, as he tells it, says he found her clapping my hands along with the radio to make sure that I would be able to keep time.” Her mother also encouraged her to ad-lib to the popular songs on the radio. Late last month Dessa revealed the latest fruits of those influences, her official solo debut, A Badly Broken Code. With the sheer variety of music on the album Dessa notes it’s a fairly difficult project to categorize, saying “it’s a bitch of a record to try to put on a planogram.” Also a poet, and published author, Dessa’s artistic accomplishments extend beyond her rhymes and songs. This week I caught up with her to find out more about her work, the biggest musical hurdle she’s encountered as an emcee, and how a run in with a husky, balding, middle-aged man reminded her of the universality of art.  For the full article, check Adam’s World Blog…

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