Whuttup Wednesday; featuring…Me!!!

Hiyooo!!!  So I got a spread in this week’s Fairfield County Weekly, yeah it’s not XXL or URB, but it still feels pretty damn dope to be noticed for all the hard work you put into honing a craft for general consumption.  Peep Game…

Click The Photo or Link for the Full article...Jeah!!!

Morning to Night

Jeep Ward stimulates morning commuters on WPKN and thrills club-goers as DJ Halo

It’s Tuesday morning. You’re driving to work on I-95 or the Merritt at what feels like snail’s pace, alongside hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of others just like you. You’re in need of patience, sanity and something to wake you up. While there’s nothing that can provide all three, if you tune your dial to WPKN 89.5 FM, Bridgeport (or 88.7 FM, Montauk, N.Y.), one of the state’s most prominent DJs can take care of the latter.  Full story at : www.Fairfieldcountyweekly.com

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