Tuesday is Recycling Day, and I Loooove Recycling; Catch up Edition

Whuttup Ya’ll!!!!  So as you may have noticed the Holiday put me back a bit, so now I am trying to cram it all back in at once to be up to date…How American right?  So here are the last two weeks of Artist of the Week, which you can always find at the Homie Adam B’s Blog in tune and on time every Monday, or if you are just a fan of my ridiculous comments with no real substance (again, how American right?) then you can check for it right here on Recycle Tuesdays….Now on with the program(s).

Dope female emcees can be hard to come by. Sure, you may find one here or there, but as a rule, the majority of hip-hop shows and street corner cyphers are filled with male dominated line ups. The few females people get to hear on a mainstream level are, for the most part, using their sexuality to get attention, rather than attempting to learn, or hone, any kind of rhyming skills. This is why listening to Rita J’s debut album, Artist Workshop, is such a nice change of pace. She’s a smooth emcee with a style of her own, and what’s between her legs is not a topic of conversation. Point blank, Rita J has skills, and this week I caught up with her to find out more about her path leading up to her first LP, her thoughts on why there’s such a dearth of female emcees in the game, and how a hurricane picked her up and moved her.  For the full story visit Adam’s World

When I decided I wanted to feature Stacye Branché as an Artist Of The Week it was because I’d heard her latest album, The Evolution To Living In Truth, and thought she was a talented singer. After sitting down with her I found out she’s also one very well connected lady. How else would one describe someone who’s collaborated with an artist based on a recommendation by Dr. Dre? And that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Branché. During our interview I also learned about her music, her history, and her unique connection with DJ Khalil.  For the full story visit Adam’s World

Everyone involved in NYC’s underground hip-hop scene has, at one point in time, rubbed shoulders with at least one of the members of the Brown Bag AllStars. The seven man crew consisting of (back row) KONCEPT, Deejay Element, J57, (front row) DJ E-Holla, Soul Khan, The Audible Doctor, and (not pictured) DJ Goo, have a huge bi-weekly showcase, Brown Bag Thursdays, and they’ve all worked at Fat Beats at some point in time. It was a host of after hours 40 oz. fueled rhyming sessions at the store that led the seven of them to decide to collaborate and form a group. Now that group they formed is one of the most respected in the scene and this week I caught up with all seven members of the Brown Bag AllStars to find out more about their music, the harsh realities of their responsibilities at Fat Beats, and how even being lost in the woods would be a musical experience for them.  For the full story visit Adam’s World

Shizaaaam!!!!  Don’t you just love being American???

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