Ruff Mix Mondays!!!

Hey Hey!!!  So another Monday around the Poderosa here at the illustrious Halodoesntsuck studios (or my dingy apt whatever) and I am getting psyched!!!  Tomorrow I fly out to the great left coast for some RR, Snowboarding and of course an away date check the flyer below if you are near Vallejo CA on Saturday the 28 it should be doooope!!!  Hope you can make it.  But for now here is another episode of Ruff Mix Mondays featuring another mix that would have just lazed about languishing in eternal limbo on my HD…Click the flyer or you can get it HERE











So this Week’s mix was another demo I did for a spot that I DJ’d at for about 5 times and was thinking I wanted to be good atmosphere music when all they really wanted was a top 40 juke box…very disappointing.  I’m looking at you CT!!!  So enjoy and have a Happy Turkey Day!!!  Whaaaa??? No Worries your humble narrator will be posting from Cali…

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